How You Can Help

Operation Walk Boston is a volunteer effort to advance orthopedic medicine to help patients worldwide.

Our missions rely completely on donated artificial joints and medical supplies.  Our volunteers receive no financial compensation for their donated time and skills. 

And even with the generosity of our supporters and several medical equipment suppliers, the cost of our missions far outstrips the funds we receive.

With your support, we can continue our work and serve more patients in need, while inspiring young healthcare providers to sustain our efforts for generations to come. Please join us. 

Joint replacement of the hip and knee are common procedures in wealthy nations, but remain relatively inaccessible for those in the developing world. We feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to be working with our Dominican colleagues and patients in making our missions successful.
— Thomas S. Thornhill, MD, Founder, Operation Walk Boston

Thanks to Our Supporters

Each year, Operation Walk Boston is made possible by our many generous supporters. Thank you for sharing our mission and helping us advance research and clinical expertise for those in need.


Corporate and Foundation Supporters


Compass Project Management, Inc.


Kessler Family Foundation

David A. Mattingly Living Trust

McKenzie Family Charitable Trust

McLaughlin Foundation

Suffolk Construction

Vinik Family Foundation


Individual Supporters

Richard Adamski

Barbara M. Aggouras

Susan T. Ballantyne

Jenifer J. Bartle

Gregory A. Beedy

Theodore S. Berenson

Dennis W. Burke

Adelaide G. Burns

Gilberte M. Chakar

Marie N. Champagne

Emily E. Cohen

John Collins

Chris Cooper

John V. Costello

David Dalury

Julie E. De Sorgher

Joanne DeAngelis

Sandra L. Decker

Patricia A. Dick

William G. Dick

Cynthia and John Fish

Wolfgang Fitz

Fiona R. Franklin

Karen L. Fung

Peter A. Gaines

Colin R. Gardner

Lisa Gates

Roya Ghazinouri

Gary L. Gottlieb

Patricia A. Haney

Gabriele K. Harrison

Howard H. Hiatt

Margaret Higgins

Helen T. Hoffman

Jeffrey N. Katz

David M. Kent

Anthony L. Komaroff

Ann K. Laemmle

Paul C. Laemmle

Denise Lauria

Lucy Masters

David A. Mattingly

Anne McDonnell

James E. McGrath

Robert Merchant

Yvonne A. Michaud

Gloria M. Moran

Suzanne Morel-Fernandes

Judith Nagle

Jeffrey R. Otten

Carol J. Pelini

Debra A. Pitts

Eva M. Potts

Kathleen M. Powers

Julia E. Rodriguez

Coleen Sabatini

Richard D. Scott

Jeremy T. Smith

Susan M. Steele

Toni Stone

Janet R. Strimaitis

Jeffrey J. Taylor

Nancy Tella

Thomas S. Thornhill

Steve Weinstock

Maura R. Weir

Daniel Zilka


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