Through its collaboration with Hospital General Plaza de La Salud (HGPS), Operation Walk Boston has laid the groundwork for a major center for clinical excellence, education, and research on arthritis and total joint replacement.

Our ongoing collaboration has led to system changes and operational efficiencies that increase our ability to provide high quality care while maintaining patient safety.

Some examples of our impact include:

  1. Fostering interdisciplinary care, the cornerstone of sustainable care delivery;  
  2. New state of the art imaging technology that allows for continuous collaboration between our US- and DR-based teams; and
  3. Robust enhancements in hospital operations to facilitate nursing care and patient safety standards.
Working beside a surgeon of Dr. Thornhill’s stature is like having a professional father. I take his advice and am very grateful. My goal is to continue performing surgeries here and expand to other neighboring cities and other Latin American countries.
— Luis Alcantara, MD, orthopedic surgeon and coordinator, Operation Walk Boston at Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud